About Us

Quartermaster Direct provides worldwide sales and distribution services for tabletop games as a consolidator. We are a subsidiary of Quartermaster Logistics, one of the largest Kickstarter fulfillment companies in the US. If you have a game that you would like to be available through online stores and local game stores around the world, we’re happy to help. Adding your game to our catalog means that it will be seen by large distribution centers and local businesses that may not normally work with small publishers. We give you the opportunity to sell your products, and we grow with you as a company. Unlike traditional game distribution, Quartermaster Direct lets you decide the amount of money you want to receive for each unit we sell on your behalf.  


Meet the Team

  • James Takenaka - Sales Director

    James has over 25 years experience in the collectible and tabletop games industry. He started selling at collectibles shows in 1990 and then was a co-owner of the Comix and Cardz Etc. hobby store. In 2001 he co-founded Hero Factory Inc. to produce licensed trading cards and served as a consultant for Bandai America Inc. in the collectible card game market. From 2007-2012 James served as Bandai’s Games Division Sales & Marketing Manager, working with hobby game distributors, overseeing their Organized Play Network and co-creating the Star Trek DBG. James joined Hit Point Sales in March 2012.

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  • Whitney Logan - Sales & Marketing Coordinator

    Whitney has always loved board games but started the deep dive into modern board games in 2014 in college. After graduating with her Masters in Strategic Communication, she opened a board game cafe in Virginia, which she owned and operated for 7 years. On the side, she designs games, with three published and more on the way.

    With experience both designing for and selling to consumers, she is excited to help publishers put forward the best version of their products and reach a wider audience.

  • Gwen Hume - Account Coordinator

    Gwen is a relationship-focused Sales and Customer Success professional. She has 10 years of operations and customer service experience, specializing in sales and logistic support, including serving as Vendor Liaison at Flat River Group.

    She excels in creating positive customer experiences by being highly versatile, knowledgeable, and detail-oriented.  I have a particular interest in working within the tabletop gaming industry and value diversity, creativity and inclusivity.  Truly enjoy working closely with clients to provide knowledge and services in order optimize sales and build their brand.

  • Erik Menendez - Retail Account Representative

    Erik has built his career in sales and account management since 2016 with experiences in domestic and international logistics. One day when playing Pokémon Go, he stumbled upon his FLGS that happened to be a PokéStop and walked in. Ever since then, Erik has been an avid board gamer and board game enthusiast. Now working with Quartermaster Direct, Erik can combine his passions with his experiences to help retailers find new and exciting products for their customers to discover. Erik will be happy to help any retailer with questions or provide any sales support needed. Retailers can reach Erik at Erik.Menendez@qmdirect.com, or call at (254) 203 – 5080, Mon-Fri, 11am – 6pm CST. Retailers can also click here to schedule a return call.

  • Kiersten Benson - Sales Support Specialist

    Kiersten was introduced to the board gaming hobby in 2020 and quickly fell in love with the industry. She has a background in marketing and retail sales. She started off working at a board game store where she managed the inventory and ordered games, as well as making recommendations for customers. In her spare time, she loves researching new games and playing favorites off of her shelf.