Frequently Asked Wholesale Questions


What are your terms?

Our website will not take payment from you, but we will process an invoice through Square and send that to you when your order is ready to process. When that invoice is paid, we will process your order. 

Why should I pre-order or backorder something?

We use these numbers to tell the publishers how much to print or how much to ship to us. 

What happens with pre-orders and backorders?

When we receive stock that you have pre-ordered or backordered, we will reach out to you to see if you'd like to build an order around that product. We will never ship you anything without checking with you first. 

Do you have minimum order quantities?

No, you may order as little as one item from us, if you like. You do not need to order in case quantity. We charge a flat shipping rate of $35 for any order under $350. You do not need to order in case quantities either. 

How quickly do you ship?

Once the invoice has been paid, we generally ship within 5 business days. 

What is my discount?

Anywhere between 40%-50% off, depending on the product and the rate the publisher sets. Your cost is listed on our website and on our order form.