The Process

Quartermaster Direct offers and sells your product through our network of distributors around the world. We also sell directly to any store who wishes to purchase from us, ensuring your game is available for purchase worldwide. 

Step 1: Product Data

The publisher supplies Quartermaster Direct with the product information, marketing materials, and other items necessary to list the product on our website and send out marketing emails to our distributor and retail contacts. This is also the time when the publisher determines the discount they wish to offer retailers and what the MSRP will be. 

Step 2: Pre-order Campaign 

It’s best to give distributors and retailers 2-3 months to gather pre-orders so that they can gather their own pre-orders from their customers. During this time, it’s helpful if publishers do their own marketing campaign to consumers so that they go to their local game store to request that product. Once the pre-order window closes, that does not mean we will stop taking orders for your game. This date is only to gather initial orders and give an idea of how many games would be the minimum to send us. 

Step 3: Shipping to QML 

After we get order numbers on the pre-order deadline, we provide the publisher with guidelines of how many copies to send to the QML warehouse. Once the game has been received by the warehouse, we will set a street date and announce that to the distributors and retailers.

Step 4: Shipping out of QML

Quartermaster Direct will consolidate orders consisting of multiple products for distributors and retailers and begin shipping as soon as possible. Quartermaster Logistics can also arrange for publisher webstore and Amazon fulfillment. 

Step 5: Reports and Payment

In the month after the product starts shipping out, publishers will get a sales report and then payment for the product that sold. Payment will be offset by whatever the publisher owes QML for storage and receiving fees. 

To see if your product qualifies to be a part of our program, please contact us directly.

We can discuss the best way to minimize your potential costs and maximize your sales potential.