Through Ice & Snow: Myths & Legends (Pre-order)

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Players: 1 - 4 • Playing Time: 45 - 90 • Age: 14+

This is the 1st expansion for Through Ice and Snow. This expansion requires the base game to play, and includes 3 new game modules: 

Walking on Ice: Relive the anguish of the arctic expeditions that abandoned their ship and tried to survive on foot.

Inuit Mythology: Discover the Inuit mythology and feel the power of its legends.

Legendary Expeditions:
This module introduces for the first time the historic explorers and their ships, enhancing the game experience.

Two New Solo Modes: 
The Mysterious Epidemic: The crew members are falling sick as we sail. Only the Inuit tribes from different regions are capable of finding solutions to heal the sick. These healing methods are diverse: from feeding the sick certain animals to visiting distant Inuit on the same island to obtain a home remedy. We must cross the Northwest Passage before the entire crew falls ill!

The Voyage of Amundsen: We are on board the Gjøa, a small ship that surely gives us facilities to cross the icy waters of the Arctic, although its size may bring some problems: the amount of provisions is smaller, as well as its fuel capacity... We are under the command of the explorer Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian with less experience in polar waters than other explorers who perished before chasing our same objective. The crew knows this, and it's not good for morale! Let's hope his discipline guides us to the conquest of our goal: to be the first to cross the Northwest Passage by ship.