SOURCE: Starter Fantasy Forest (Pre-order)

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Pre-order deadline: July 12, 2024
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Media Kit

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Players: unlimited • Age: 12+

Contrive a world of colorful charm and whimsy with the SOURCE: Starter Fantasy Forest terrain system. Build any world you can imagine on your tabletop with a simple, modular, stacking hex terrain system. Place and build dreamy moss-carpeted forest floors dotted with mushrooms, twigs, and stones. Carve out ponds of clear water teeming with koi fish. Plant mystical mushroom and charming fruit and vegetable patches in your own imagined woods. Beautifully hand-illustrated worlds spring to life with hexes and tiles precisely sized for all of your favorite tabletop, wargaming, or roleplaying games. SOURCE will pair with Adventure Together’s Source Application, where players can discover, review, and contribute to the development of new games, terrain, and print-and-play experiences designed for the SOURCE system - placing community at the heart of all we do. Multiple new biomes and themes coming soon!