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Manufactured in: China
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Players: 2-8 • Playing Time: 60-90 • Age: 21+

Warning: Don't Get Drunk is not for the weak hearted! Don't Get Drunk is the ultimate party game that's bound to make anyone who plays it laugh out loud and have a night full of fun. Don't Get Drunk is the drinking game you've been waiting for, with 4 separate types of cards in the game, mini games, unique spots, and short / long cuts you're definitely going to have a crazy fun night!

The 4 card types are Luck, Quiz, Dare, and Trial, these unique cards will test your wits, bravery, and skills. You may be dared to ding dong ditch your neighbor, twerk for a minute, post something wild on social media, or you might have to face another team in a game of beer pong, flip cup, or kings cup. Make sure to build your team accordingly!

How to win and play: Its easy, you just have to be the first person or team to make it from the bar spot to the home spot. Roll the dice and move that amount of spaces, pick the corresponding card and do what it says, or don't, but beware there will be punishments! You only have to refer to the instruction manual for trial cards as they are pulled, this makes for less reading and more fun! Don't be afraid to sabotage your opponents to get ahead in the game!

Don't Get Drunk is the perfect game for your next game night, pre-game, frat party, BBQ, bachelor / bachelorette party, house warming gift, or birthday gift. The options are endless!