All Time Wrestling: All or Nothing (Backorder)

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Players: 1 - 4 • Playing Time: 20 - 40 • Age: 10+

All or Nothing Edition includes tag team matches, cage matches, and last man standing matches. More importantly, it comes with a full 4-hour solo campaign that is highly replayable featuring thousands of storylines and possibilities

All Time Wrestling is a card and dice game featuring legends such as Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, Kurt Angle and the British Bulldog. The box set also comes with 4 fictional wrestlers (Jax Felix , Mukundi Shumba, Oda Tsurugi and Rey Jaguar). 

This is an asymmetric game where each wrestler comes with their own unique player boards, abilities, and deck of attack cards.

This edition of the box includes exclusive double recessed boards, high quality cards, and other kickstarter exclusives.