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Players: 2-8 • Playing Time: 120-180 • Age: 13+

Polyversal is an Origins Award-Nominated (2022, Best Miniatures Game) 6mm-15mm miniatures-agnostic sci-fi tabletop game designed by Ken Whitehurst and developed and published by Collins Epic Wargames, over a decade in the making. Polyversal uses 6-15mm miniatures you may already have and includes a free web-based design application called Arsenal that helps you quickly and easily create customized stat tiles for any miniatures.

The Polyversal setting is a gritty future Earth with a storyline that promises to capture your imagination while providing endless hours of excellent sci-fi gaming. The system is flexible enough to handle many other settings as well: Wargaming as far back as WWII, Cold War or Modern settings, galaxies far away, or as far in the future as you can imagine. CEW00009 is the Polyversal base game without miniatures. The boxed set includes a 173-page full color rulebook including design system documentation, 2 Quick Reference Cards, 4 sets of Orders Tokens, 4 sets of tracking counters, 15 color-coded polyhedral dice (3x each D4-D12), and access to the Arsenal design application for unlimited customization. Use any miniatures from any line, or even your own designs, and bring them to the tabletop with Arsenal. 

Also available as an accessory: Hexagonal peel-and-stick inkjet printer paper with chipboard blanks to make printing out Arsenal designs quick and easy (1 accessory set handles printing/mounting 25 tiles front and back).