Mage Noir: Electrique & Glace Bundle (Pre-order)

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Players: 2 • Playing Time: 15-30 • Age: 14+

Mage Noir is a whole new take on dueling strategy card games. This bundle contains the Electrique and Glace expansions. With the Electrique expansion, you can now wield the power of Electricity, featuring lightning-fast spells and deadly combos. Strike your opponents when they least expect it by chaining electric spells during their turns. And with the Glace expansion, you can now freeze your opponents and send chills down their spine with ice magic. Bend the cold to your will and set the pace to your advantage. Thanks to its fresh mechanics packaged in simple rules, Mage Noir is the perfect game to discover the thrill of outwitting your opponent with your magical abilities. Each expansion includes 54 new spells that delve deeper into the world of Mage Noir and enhance your deck-building capabilities. They requires the base game to be played.