Demon Ship Terrain (Backorder)

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Street Date: February 23, 2024

Media Kit

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Product Dimensions: 11.57 x 0.43 x 9.96 in
Product Weight: 2 lbs
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Case Dimensions: TBA
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Players: 1 • Playing Time: 45 • Age: 12+

Designed to work with the Demonship rules written by Malev. This kit is all you'll need to start getting prepped for your games. 

This is NOT the rules for playing Demon ship. Those are found in the Demon Ship starter box. 

This kit will include:

  • 2x - 1x3 
  • 1x - 1x2
  • 1x - 1x1
  • 1x - 2x2 platform
  • 1x switch
  • 2x doors
  • 2x barrels
  • 2x hatches