Quartershots: Lairs & Labyrinths (Pre-order)

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(as in, smaller than "one-shot" adventures)

Book 2: Lairs & Labyrinths covers forays below ground: from hunts inside mountainous lairs to spelunking expeditions below the city.

QuarterShots is a new type of adventure book: the Game Masters's backup plan. They're packed with system-neutral side quests that can be dropped into any RPG session with ZERO prep!

Not enough time to prep for your upcoming session?
QuarterShots is your backup plan. Didn't expect your players to leave town mid-session? No problem! Just flip to a fitting two page adventure and seamlessly continue GMing.

Each adventure starts with a brief summary, to let you
quickly pick out the adventure that best fits your game. The rest of the details are presented in small packets of information, so you can easily skim any adventure to get all you need to know to run it, without slowing down the session.

● 64 pages of side quests that
defy players expectations and fit into any campaign
● Each adventure is 1 to 2 hours of gameplay - perfect for short sessions or to fill out longer game nights
● Truly system-neutral -
compatible with 5e or any other system - there are no game specific mechanics
● The perfect
GM backup plan for when players decide to do something unexpected
Requires no preparation - you don't even need to read the entire adventure before you start running it
● Quit worrying about being underprepared - your players will never see you sweat!