The Dice of Death & Dismemberment

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A unique RPG accessory:

The Dice of Death & Dismemberment™ is a simple upgrade to any RPG, bringing fear & excitement back to your combat encounters.

The Critical Hit Dice are brutally unforgiving. Characters will walk away from combat changed. That is, if walking is still an option.

The Fumble Dice cause even the bravest heroes to embarrass themselves by tripping, flinging their weapon across the room, or back-stabbing their very best friend.

Players roll these alongside their standard damage dice to add excitement and humor to role-playing game combat.

These acrylic 12-sided dice are engraved with fun and brutal crit and fumble results.

Compatible with 5e and all role-playing games.

(4) Critical Hit Dice (Head, Torso, Arms, Legs)
(3) Fumble Dice (Melee, Bow, Thrown)
(1) Instructions and Icon Legend