Drums of War - Enclave - Demo Copy (Pre-order)

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Media Kit

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Players: 1-2 • Playing Time: 20-40 • Age: 10+

 Set in a fantasy world, Drums of War puts each player in charge of an army represented by an asymmetrical deck of cards, led by a commanding hero. In two-player or solo games, Drums of War offers fast-paced, tactical games lasting 30 minutes. - Humans, created as a weapon to confront the enemies of the gods, wage war against the orcs in their struggle for their territory. - The orcs, once deprived of their freedom, will never be subjugated by anyone ever again. Choose a side and lead your army to victory in dynamic and tactical games, pitting asymmetric armies whose units are represented by cards on the battlefield. The clock is ticking, your troops are waiting for you... The Drums of War are beating!