The Big Pig Game

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Media Kit

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Players: 1 - 4 • Playing Time: 40 • Age: 10+

Your family has left for the day, so it's time to eat all of the food in the house before they get back! Pick one of the cute critters to play as and work together to eat all of the food!

The Big Pig Game is a cooperative food eating game for 1-4 piggies. Spend turns equipping yourself with utensils, encouraging your teammates, and munching the food! Pick the unique food tiles off of the central food board and use them to boost your cards. Eat all of the food to win! If the family gets home first, they'll stop the big feast, so gotta make it fast!

The Big Pig Game is great for families, but also has lots of humor and difficulty scaling for seasoned gamers as well.