ImmunoWars The Most Infectious Board Game - Demo Copy (Pre-order)

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Players: 2-6 • Playing Time: 30-90 • Age: 12+

ImmunoWars is a strategic and competitive board game for 2-6 players, designed to combine scientific content with immersive gameplay. Players engage through biowarfare to be the last survivor in a battleground of infectious diseases, all while gaining valuable knowledge about pathogens such as salmonella, ebola, and tuberculosis. This game stands out by its scientifically accurate in-game content that shows what infectious diseases are out there and what can be done to prevent, treat, and cure them.

Each player manages Health Points (HP) and Energy Points (ATP), reflecting their current health status and their ability to perform actions within the game. The unique twist of the game is its focus on the transmission of diseases, where aggressive tactics can backfire, allowing players to become infected by the diseases they spread. This introduces a realistic element of disease dynamics, encouraging players to think strategically about the consequences of their actions. The boardgame educates players on various aspects of infectious diseases, including symptoms, transmission routes, affected organs, contagiousness, and severity. Cards and game mechanics are designed to simulate the spread of diseases and the impact of medical interventions, offering a hands-on learning experience. Players are challenged to make informed decisions, utilizing their knowledge of diseases to strategize against opponents while managing their own health and energy resources.