Classified Information (Clamshell) (Pre-order)

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Manufactured in: China
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Case Dimensions: 19.29 x 14.37 x 13.38 in.
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Players: 2 • Playing Time: 10-15 • Age: 12+

In the pursuit of political supremacy, knowledge is key. Since the revolution, two factions have been fighting for power in the dystopian, cyberpunk city of Intellexia. In order to break the years long deadlock and secure control of the city, each faction must uncover their adversary’s secret plans hidden inside their top secret, code-protected briefcase. Your job, if you are to accept it, is to protect your secret code by cleverly deploying card abilities, by seeking help from the Guards, Assassins, and Sentinels at the local tech-noir guilds, and by encrypting information when you can. But espionage is a two-way street. While trying to deny your opponent information about your secret code, you must try to crack theirs.

Classified Information is a fast-playing (10-minutes or less), 2-player "iterative" deduction microgame that is fully contained within just 18 cards. Each turn a player plays a card from their hand in one of three ways (for its ability, for its guild affiliation or by discarding it out of the game). Once the draw deck is depleted players reveal their secret code and the single card left in their hand, if their card matches a number in their opponent's code they may win the game, but things may not be so easy if their opponent also matches and has more guards, or has cleverly guarded their briefcase! Will you be able to access your opponent’s Classified Information?