Chroma Mix - Demo Copy

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Players: 1-4 • Playing Time: 30-45 min • Age: 12+

In Chroma Mix, a combination of color theory and strategy will help you make the perfect color! On your turn, you may Print (play a card), Mix (aquire a card), or Refill (add cards back to your hand). Printing allows you to activate the abilities of cards and gain more colors. You can mix together colors you don't need to make colors with even more powerful abilities. Refilling allows you to replay or mix with colors on a future turn. There are 6 unique modular victory conditions that keep the game fresh each time you play. In the solo mode you play against the intelligent automata Confident Billy. Billy is so confident about beating you that it will allow you to make its moves, leaving it up to you to find the best way to sabotage it.

Chroma Mix comes in a highly portable box that is large enough to comfortably hold sleeved cards. The cards are high quality and have a linen finish. Fans of engine building games will enjoy the unique "engine deconstruction" twist of the mix action. Artists, graphic designers, and anyone interested in CMYK color theory are sure to appreciate the unique color mixing theme.