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Players: 2-5 • Playing Time: 30 • Age: 14+

Monsters of Loch Lomond is a light strategic and interactive card game for 2 - 6 players. In around 30 min, you’ll play 4 rounds in which you’ll have to secure your clan from monsters to get the lowest amount of points to win the game. It's easy to learn and is full of fun interaction and exciting situations. It comes with a score pad and rulebook including a full character overview. In the game, you are the chieftain of a Scottish clan. Each night, monsters crawl out of the lake and torment the local clans around Loch Lomond. Your clan must defend itself and chase these monsters into the highlands or towards rival clans. Find where the monsters are hiding, chase them away and make your clan the strongest in the area. In Monsters of Loch Lomond, you will be taken into the magical world of Scottish folklore, where Kelpies, Selkies and many more famous Scottish tales come to live! A must play for anyone who loves Scotland and light strategic card games.