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Players: 2-4 • Playing Time: 15-30 min • Age: 14+

Discover the next big musical trio. Have you ever watched singing competition shows and thought to yourself, "I'm a better judge of talent than these people...." Well now you can prove it! Become a mentor on the new reality TV sensation, Upstaged!

Upstaged! is a 2-4 person board and card game where players take on the role of a music industry mentor looking to form the next big trio. Players compete against each other by using cue cards to influence aspiring singers on a rotatable stage, the centerpiece of which is none other than the game’s box itself. While the box is small and portable, four runways attach to it for gameplay to create a unique and eye-catching tabletop experience. Upstaged! plays in 15-30 minutes and features two modes of play: Rehearsal Mode to introduce new gamers to modern tabletop games, and The Live Show for players ready to engage in deeper strategic competition.