Jarmo (LUDOS Asia Collection) (Pre-order)

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Players: 2 • Playing Time: 15 • Age: 6+

The LUDOS Collection was born to preserve games of the past, for the generations of the future. Hasami Shogi (from Japan) is part of the first volume, LUDOS Asia. 2500+ backers supported this project on Kickstarter.

Jarmo - Mongolia 🇲🇳
⏳ 15 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 2 🧒 6+
History: Jarmo is a war game with roots tracing back to the Turkic peoples (Tatars) of the 8th century Mongol Empire. In the game, two players assume the roles of opposing armies, whose archers are trying to infiltrate the enemy camp. How to play: Command a unit of 5 archers, and be the first to infiltrate the enemy camp.