Reviving Kathmandu: Senior Architects

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Media Kit

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Players: 1 - 6 • Playing Time: 20 - 40 • Age: 8+

The Senior Architects Expansion takes the gameplay of Reviving Kathmandu to the next level with Character cards, Public Goals, and Advanced Missions. Advanced Missions give more points to players, but are harder to complete than those in the base game. If you play with the Advanced Missions, return the regular Mission cards to the game box. Public Goals: each Public Goal is a set of 2-3 common objectives, available to every player. The first player(s) to complete all the objectives on a Public Goal card immediately receive(s) the bonus points immediately. Character cards: each Architect has a special ability, shown on their card.

The Senior Architects Expansion requires the base game of Reviving Kathmandu. During setup, you will assign an Architect card for each player, and reveal Public Goals. You may also choose to replace Mission cards from the base game with new, Advanced Mission cards. The Advanced Mission cards are also compatible with the solo mode.