Six D6 Bullet Dice Set in Brass Metal (Pre-order)

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Pre-order deadline: August 16, 2024
Expected Street Date: Q3 2024

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MSRP: $24.95
Product Code: LNX05001
UPC: X0039E38P9
Manufactured in: China
Product Dimensions: 3.58 x 2.44 x 0.67 in.
Product Weight: 0.39 lbs.
Case Quantity: 100
Case Dimensions: 21.6 x 9.8 x 11.8 in.
Case Weight: 37.5 lbs.

Stunning brass bullet dice set. Made from 100% brass with a baked-in copper tip color, these dice are both visually striking and durable. The set includes six D6 dice and comes in a stylish metal box, making it a perfect gift option.


100% Brass Composition: Crafted entirely from brass with the copper-tipped color baked into the metal, ensuring durability without paint chipping.

6-Pack with Storage: Includes six bullet dice in a robust metal box with foam inserts for secure storage and easy transport.

Superior One-Piece Design: Each die is made from solid brass, providing a heavy, high-quality feel and satisfying rolling experience.

Versatile Gaming Upgrade: Enhance any game using 6-sided dice, such as D&D, Warhammer, or other roleplaying games.

Ideal Gift Choice: Comes in an attractive, giftable box, making it the perfect gift for Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts, role players, and Warhammer fans.