Awkward Guests: The Walton Case

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Players: 1 - 8 • Playing Time: 45 - 75 • Age: 12+

AWKWARD GUESTS: The Walton Case is an innovative card game of mystery and investigation where each game recreates the night Mr. Walton was murdered. It offers a possible total of 3,600 different case solutions, each of which may be reached through thousands of different card combinations. This means that millions of different game decks can be generated, so... you won’t ever play two similar games! What’s more, its engaging BRILLIANT DECK SYSTEM will actively involve you in the investigations, allowing you to use genuine detective abilities to solve each case.

Will you be the first to solve the mystery?
WHO killed Mr. Walton?
WHY did he/she kill him?
HOW did he/she put an end to his life?
Was there an ACCOMPLICE?

To solve the mystery, you must interrogate the suspects, question the household staff about the incident, examine the Crime Scene, search for clues around the Walton Mansion, consult the police reports... You will do all of this while exchanging information with your opponents or hiding it from them. Get ready to use all your gumshoe skills!