HEXplore It: Return to the Sands of Shurax

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Media Kit

Product Code: MJDH0331
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Manufactured in: China
Product Dimensions: 11 x 13 x 2.8 in.
Product Weight: 2.6 lbs.
Case Quantity: 12
Case Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 12.6 in.
Case Weight: 31 lbs.

Players: 2 - 6 • Playing Time: 60 - 180 • Age: 14+

The Sands of Shurax Expansion allows you to play as the Villian (aka The Ravager) against the other heroes. Like the heroes, the Villian is able to raise its ranks by performing Ambitions. Choose how to ruin the map, with an entire Villian card deck. The Villian will have access to powerful Rituals, which can be performed by expending Ritual Points. The Villian will be forced to react to the heroes, and better yet, force the heroes to react to the Villian. There are several ways to play as the Ravager, which no two games facing off against the heroes will be the same.

Four new bosses appear in the expansion, with each boss having a unique reveal trigger. Additional traits give your hero a distinguishing quality gained at the beginning of the game. More HEXclusive Roles and Races are offered.

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the Sands of Shurax expansion is the inclusion of the Black Pyramid, HEXplore very first maze. The Black Pyramid is it’s own play-style. You can go through the entire game, gathering power, facing new threats, terrifying versions of the Bosses, and perhaps most importantly, uncover epic new gear! The Black Pyramid is laden with traps and secret chambers, so beware adventurers!