The Vampire - Alone in the Darkness RPG (Remastered Deluxe Hardcover) (Pre-order)

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Players: 1-8 • Playing Time: 1-4 hours • Age: 18+

The Vampire – Alone in the Darkness (Remastered) is a Role-Playing Game that lets players act as a powerful Vampire, a former human who died and got resurrected by a demon acting like an unholy puppeteer. In this existence afterlife, the Vampire fights to keep the balance between their human impulses and the demonic presence’s bloodlust.

Different from other popular settings, Vampires weren’t interested in manipulating the great wheel of humanity. They stayed in the shadows and usually lived in isolation, not only from other humans but from other Vampires. However, since the popularity of their myth, from the writings of Bram Stoker to the adolescent fantasies of Twilight, they are at constant peril from researchers, hunters, and other supernatural entities. Some started to look for strength in numbers, joining the so-called Legions, communities of Vampires that are rapidly becoming more and more political… and dangerous.

3 Ways to Play

Solo Player: create your Vampire and interact with the scenario through dice rolls on the pre-defined tables, slowly unfolding the character’ story.

Group of Players: on the second way of playing, you and one or more friends will use the tools for generating and conducting the game without the need for a Storyteller to tell you what will happen. Thus, events and characters will appear according to random rolls and pre-defined tables. At the same time, your group will react to the events the way your characters would find most common and, when necessary, by rolling the dice to check if your actions were successful.

Mediator: finally, the third way to play is by one of the group playing the role of Mediator, similar to the Game Master/Storyteller. The Mediator will answer the questions through the role of the Oracle, ask for the dice rolls to carry out the basic actions, roll the game events and mediate the players’ actions, giving the freedom to insert different elements through the story.


The game mixes traditional RPG elements with a tabletop tile system. Each tile represents a setting like an urban area, industrial zone, or city outskirts, each one with multiple events that can be interweaved and branched out to generate 10,000 story ramifications.

The book is a great toolbox that can make your story unfold in multiple, dynamic ways before you with the help of the following features and mechanics:

Detailed backstory explaining more of the world’s setting.
Suggestions and examples on how to run your adventures.
Complete set of rules, character creation, skills and stats, advantage and disadvantage, and much more.
Oracle system that helps you answer simple questions like Yes/No, Left/Right, Open/Close.
6 Castes based on types of demons who reanimate corpses to turn them into vampires.
12 skills and 10 Dark Powers that will make your Vampire incredibly powerful.
5 different tiles, each one with its own table of events that extends to 20 different plot branches. including ruined cities, industrial areas, underground tunnels, isolated outskirts, and shorelines.
Auxiliary tables with extra events, violent encounters, weapons, armor, items and much more.
2 backstory settings: New York and St. Augustine.