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Players: 2-10 • Playing Time: 2 • Age: 18+

Huradrim is a party game where 2 to 10 players are brewmasters looking to gather the right set of ingredients to brew the best beer for the king of dwarves!

The gameplay is a mix of collecting components and discarding the right cards for fast rounds of less than two minutes!

Drinking & Sober (FAMILY) MODES

If you play as a drinking game, the player who first manages to assemble the right set of ingredients must show their hand and shout, “Huradrim!.” The other players will then drink a glass of the drink selected by the party for the session. The player who ends up with Huradrim in hand will have to drink twice! The last dwarf standing wins the game.

In family mode, instead of using drinks, the players mark a beer on their token cards (two if they end up with Huradrim in their hand). A player is out of the game when their marker reaches 7 beers!