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Players: 3-7 • Playing Time: 25 • Age: 14+

Welcome to the world of Sea of Lies, where the truth sinks, and the lies float! In this successful crowdfunding project from Brazilian authors Vinicius Szabo and Bruno Zinneck, players must pick their pirate and get the crew’s support to become the ship's new captain! The game features amazing hand-drawn artwork by cult artist Leopoldo Anjo, an independent comic book illustrator who is quickly becoming a rising star in the industry.

With an average rating of 8+ on, Sea of Lies quickly became a reference in party games with social deduction gameplay, reaching multiple top lists in its home country. With a colorful cast of 12 unique characters and a lot of replayability, the game is easy to learn and quick to set up. It has no player eliminations, another factor that makes it a crowd-pleaser.

Since thieves have no honor, tall tales will be told to gather the necessary votes from the crew, and it is up to others to smell if something is fishy. Each character has special abilities and must pick one of the 3 types of story: a major feat of strength, a creepy story, or a hot gossip. You can either tell a story that matches the type you’ve got or simply make your rivals guess which card type you got. They can challenge your tale by betting their own crew members; if you win, the support is yours. Get caught, and you lose your turn.