The Wildsea: RPG (Backorder)

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Players: 2 - 6 • Playing Time: 2 - 4 hours • Age: 12+

The Wildsea is a fiction-focused tabletop roleplaying game from QuillHound Studios for 2-6 players. You play a wildsailor, an explorer of rustling waves and curious ruins, sailing the endless treetop expanse in your own unique, player-created ship. You might join the crew as one humanity's weathered descendants, as a cactoid bastion of spine and bloom, as a silk-clothed hive-mind of spiders... or as something much, much stranger.

Inspired by stories like Sunless Sea, Bastion, and the Bas-Lag Trilogy and powered by a narrative, fiction-first d6 dice pool system that draws inspiration from games like Blades in the Dark and 13th Age, The Wildsea is an immersive new world sure to grow rampant in the imagination.

The Wildsea hungers and grows. What will you discover in its depths?