Thorgal: The Board Game (Pre-order)

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Players: 1-4 • Playing Time: 120 • Age: 14+

Embark on a thrilling Viking adventure with Thorgal: The Board Game, a cooperative experience for 1-4 players. Each of the 7 standalone scenarios, lasting around 90-120 minutes, offers not just a unique story but also significant replayability due to its difficulty! Dive into diverse tales and challenges, each with its own beautifully illustrated map that brings the Norse world to life. The game’s rich narrative and distinct scenarios ensure that every playthrough feels new and exciting. With strong support from over 3000 backers on Gamefound, Thorgal is a testament to its captivating design and enduring appeal. Whether you’re a Viking lore enthusiast or a board game aficionado, Thorgal promises an unforgettable and replayable adventure.