Drop Bears - Ol'Bruce Expansion (Pre-order)

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Players: 2-4 • Playing Time: 60+ • Age: 16+

Confront the Legendary Beast with the Drop Bears: Ol'Bruce Expansion.

Enter the perilous world of the Australian bush with a new and terrifying challenge in the Drop Bears: Ol'Bruce Expansion. This addition to the Drop Bears board game pits you against Ol'Bruce, a giant Drop Bear of ancient legend. Known for his monstrous size and ferocity, Ol'Bruce can effortlessly capture and devour large prey, making survival even more daunting. Are you brave enough to face this titanic predator and endure another harrowing night, or will you fall victim to his insatiable hunger?

According to bushland lore, Ol'Bruce has lurked in the shadows for centuries, a relentless hunter dismissed by some as mere myth but feared by others who have narrowly escaped his grasp. This expansion intensifies your gameplay, introducing a rare and formidable adversary. The campers must now deal with Ol'Bruce's deadly grip, deciding whether to rescue captured comrades or strategize a direct assault on the beast. The stakes have never been higher.

Featuring a unique boss fight play style, the Ol'Bruce Expansion demands that players gather special gear and employ clever tactics to overcome this formidable foe. This expansion also includes two brand-new campers, adding more variety and strategic options to your game. Experience a new level of tension and excitement as you and your fellow campers battle for survival against the most fearsome Drop Bear of all. Will you outsmart and defeat Ol'Bruce, or will the legend claim your lives? Prepare for a thrilling adventure that will test your courage and cunning like never before.