Drop Bears - Ancient Oonah Expansion (Pre-order)

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Players: 1-4 • Playing Time: 45+ • Age: 16+

Survive the Perils of the Bush with the Drop Bears: Ancient Oonah Expansion.

Embark on another harrowing adventure in the Australian bush with the Drop Bears: Ancient Oonah Expansion. As tension runs high, unsuspecting campers find themselves facing an ancient and formidable beast: Ancient Oonah, a giant prehistoric platypus with teeth. Stirred from its slumber by the campers' presence, this powerful creature is now on the hunt. Campers must rely on their wits and teamwork to survive against this insurmountable force, all while evading the lurking Drop Bears ready to prey on those who stray from the pack. Who will emerge from the bush alive?

Ancient Oonah, with its poisonous spurs and deep-seated paranoia, is ever vigilant in its watery kingdom. This timeless creature fiercely defends its sacred ground, making survival an almost impossible task for those who dare to intrude. The stakes are higher than ever, as campers realize too late the peril of disturbing this ancient beast. Only fate will determine who will see the sunrise.

This expansion introduces a new adversary, Ancient Oonah, complete with unique abilities and an adaptation deck. Experience a thrilling 1 vs many gameplay mode, where one player controls the monstrous Ancient Oonah. Additionally, the expansion features new river territories and a dedicated solo mode, adding more depth and variety to your game. Prepare for an intense and unpredictable adventure in the Australian bush with the Drop Bears: Ancient Oonah Expansion. Will you survive the night, or will Ancient Oonah's legend claim more victims?