Eleven: Unexpected Events

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Players: 1-4 • Playing Time: 60-120 min • Age: 14+

This expansion adds two new mechanics: Breaking News cards which trigger the keywords you can find on Player cards and the Reputation track, as well as 14 new Board Meeting cards.

Breaking News:
During Matchday read a Breaking News card with the press coverage of your match to see if any of your Players’ keywords are mentioned. This may trigger an unexpected consequence for your game with your match ending differently than you expected!
All 36 Breaking News cards have unique outcomes making each gameplay different and adding an amazing thematic flavor to your experience.

New Board Meeting cards:
Increase the replayability of your game with 14 new Board Meeting cards that you can add to the base game.

Reputation track
New Breaking News and Board Meeting cards from this expansion influence the Reputation level of your club, which is marked on the new Reputation track. Depending on your Reputation level, your club will gain benefits or penalties in the upcoming Matches.