Lunar Base - Demo Copy (Pre-order)

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Players: 2-6 • Playing Time: 30 • Age: 10+


Lunar Base is a 2-6 player strategy card game where you compete to build the most formidable moon base. Begin your mission at your unique base station,and  build powerful modules by connecting cards with matching orb halves to expand your base. Recruit agents to infiltrate your opponents' bases, applying one-time effects. Win the space race by fulfilling one of four victory conditions: growing your colony, advancing scientific research, amassing lunar credits, or gaining the most influence. 


With Lunar Base, every game is a new frontier. Players can explore different tactics and discover new card combinations in each playthrough. Lunar Base features high replayability, easy setup, quick playtime, and medium-light-weightmedium-light weight complexity. The game also has adjustable difficulty; whether you’re taking your first small steps in gaming or leaping in as a seasoned strategist. 


Despite its compact size, Lunar Base packs an expansive gameplay experience with satisfying depth. Plus, it's portable enough to play anywhere (low earth orbit not actually tested, but we’re optimistic!). It's perfect for quick warm-up, filler, and wind-down games, or as the launchpad for an epic best of 3/5/7 game night. Simple to learn yet challenging to master, Lunar Base is a small but mighty tribute to mankind's lunar aspirations—proving that the greatest journeys begin with the flip of a card. So gear up, plant your flag in the nearest moon rock, power on your rovers, and commandeer a bacon printer (because what's space exploration without the comfort of home?).