Oh Nutz!

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Media Kit

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Manufactured in: China
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Case Quantity: 60
Case Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 12.5 in.
Case Weight: 33 lbs.

Players: 3 - 5 • Playing Time: 15 • Age: 7+

FAMILY GAME NIGHT HAS GONE NUTZ! - Battle to be the squirrel with the most nutz stashed for winter. But don't drop your nutz!

THE PLAYER WITH THE MOST NUTZ WINS! - Each player takes turns rolling the die and drawing cards into their hand. Cards have values for how many nutz they are worth. Try to get as many nutz from your hand into your stash as you can. Or use them for special advantages such as spying, stealing, or making others drop their nutz.

GUARANTEED FAMILY FUN! For boys, girls, mom, dad, aunts, uncles and grandma and grandpa! Create shared memories of laughter and fun as a family!

A GREAT GIFT IDEA! Great for parties, birthday, game night, travel, camping and more! Simple and hilarious fun!

- 1 Six-Sided Die
- 15 Stash Tokens
- 96 Cards
- 1 Instruction Booklet and lots of fun!