Pocket Paragons: Rivals of Aether

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Players: 2 • Playing Time: 5 - 20 • Age: 14+

Pocket Paragons: AEGIS features new Paragons from the video game platform fighter Rivals of Aether by Dan Forace Games!

Fast and portable action in your pocket! 
Pocket Paragons is a quick deceptively simple game of big spells and big reads. Every turn is intense and no moment is safe in this cross-over dueling game! A game can be over instant!

Deeply Asymmetrical
Each Pocket Paragons character is crazy different. Which type of win condition suits your style?

Multi-series Crossover Battles
Pocket Paragons is a crossover series! Mix Pocket Paragons boxes from various series and see who the true Paragon is! Play in various formats such as Standard, Conquest , and Legacy (3 v 3)

Best of Gen Con 2022 — Gaming Trend
Major Fun Award
Spiel of Approval

" A Seismic Event Event " — Jerry Holkins, Penny Arcade

"Play a quick duel or an epic 3v3 tournament set. It really stretches that 'FGC' itch.except with cards!" — Customer Review

"The fundamentals are simple enough to grasp that you get to play hilarious mindgames from the jump."— Customer Review

"I really love this game. It's the distilled "just one more round" feel of playing a fighting game with your friend." — Customer Review