Cosmic Chains (Deluxe Edition) (Pre-order)

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Media Kit

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Players: 2 • Playing Time: 30-40 • Age: 14+

Cosmic Chains is a highly tactical dueling card game of cats and robots competing for the best internet connection on Earth by building the longest satellite chain in space.

Both players have identical decks of 15 cards with either Cat or AI characters (teams represent the most popular topics online), 3 of these cards on their hand, and only one action to spend each turn. Players can launch satellites, swap them with the adjacent ones in their chain, and use powerful effects to gain a tactical advantage or disrupt their opponent’s plans.

There are 3 types of satellites in Cosmic Chains, and not all of them can provide internet, so they must be properly connected to give the maximum Victory Points at the end of the game.

Cosmic Chains offers an unlimited number of ways to create mind-blowing combos and chain reactions, as well as 3 combinable modes for different levels of immersion: symmetrical starting positions (base game), asymmetrical starting positions (Superpowers), and hidden objectives with more ways to earn Victory Points (Space Debris). So, you can customize the game based on your taste or mood. This edition of the game also contains Kickstarter-exclusive components: 6 additional playable cards, 2 holofoil promo teams cards, and a randomly chosen postcard with a comic strip. 

The key features and facts about the game:
- High-end quality components like sturdy black core cards, shiny acrylic and quality cardboard tokens, and a custom plastic tray.
- A unique look on the table and adorable illustrations of cats and robots
- An unusual system of stackable cards. We call it “chain-building”
- Quick setup and high replayability despite the weight and size of the box.
- High ratings and positive reviews from board game developers and influencers