Into the Wilds Battlemap Books - Dungeons & Crypts (Pre-order)

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Into the Wilds is a collection of fully customisable, biome and region themed battlemap books for your favourite TTRPG. They are ideal for pre-set or random encounters, so you can be fully prepared no matter which direction your players choose to head in. The battlemaps come in two variations, a fully-furnished highly-detailed version with props and assets already placed for an extra level of immersion and story telling, and a second unfurnished version for you to customise however you need with the included re-usable asset stickers or that trusty dry-erase marker. The books are spiral bound so you won’t have to keep track of loose sheets flying everywhere, and the maps lay perfectly flat on your gaming table. The spirals are kept as small as possible, so they won’t get in the way of placing minis or props.