Tailor Master - Demo Copy (Pre-order)

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Media Kit

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Manufactured in: China
Product Dimensions: 8.1 x 5.2 x 2.5 in.
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Players: 2 • Playing Time: 30+ • Age: 3+

In the bustling studio of Tailor Master, creativity flourishes and dreams take shape. This captivating board game is an invitation to a world where aesthetic intertwines with the recognition of graphics, colors, and the charm of fashion. By deftly pairing 'Clothing Designs' with the intricate patterns on objective cards, they tailor their way to victory. The game starts with the reveal of an objective card, prompting you to swiftly use your Clothes Frame or Pants Frame to find the matching pattern on the Cloth. Hit Tap Bell to signal the end. Both of you then check if the pattern matches the Objective Card, adding excitement and shared anticipation to the gameplay. Embedded in this aesthetics studio, the art of fashion comes to life.
- Over 20,000 sold in the Chinese market when it released!
- Great for children with simple rules, yet cultivates the spatial ability and concentration.
- Fast gameplay easy to catch on.
- Aesthetic pleasing game components with child-safe design. Mainly in paper and fabric.
- Tailor the frame to suit a particular combination - possibilities are of your creation!
- Educational & economical-friendly for all ages.