Journey to The West - Eighty-one Perils (Pre-order)

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Pre-order deadline: September 13, 2024
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Media Kit

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Players: 3-8 • Playing Time: 20 • Age: 10+

The Journey to the West is a thrilling and fascinating card game inspired by the classic Chinese novel. The path is full of perils and extraordinary creatures. With taking on the role of the disciples, Shifu, monsters, and deity, the fate of your journey rests in your hands. In this mystical realm, you will navigate your journey strategically by playing cards. Each time, you must carefully observe and follow the card played by the previous player. However, beware! If you find yourself unable to match the card, fate deals a cruel hand, and you must take all the cards on the play area as “Peril Cards”. Will you possess the cunning and courage to conquer this extraordinary quest, or will you succumb to the perils that await? 
- Sold 2,500 a year in its release.
- From acclaimed designer and illustrator Xin Mao.
- A new thematic card game accurately immerses into a thrilling and mythological world, featuring 81 peril cards.
- Use cards to navigate the perilous path strategically.
- One-of-a-kind countering system amongst Shifu, disciples, monsters, and deities.
- Each character possesses unique abilities and special strength, adding engaging experience to the gameplay.
- Wide praise and word-of-mouth recommendations among players.
- Fast gameplay up to 8 players!