Safari Witness - Demo Copy (Pre-order)

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Media Kit

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Players: 2-7 • Playing Time: 15-30 • Age: 12+

With the sun sets, darkness reveals hidden secrets, crimes unfold amidst the Safari! Witnesses show up to assist the police in swiftly solving the crime cases. As a crime witness, your objective is to provide as many valid clues as possible within a limited time. Each valid clue you provide brings the police closer to the truth. You must sharpen your concentration and observation. The more clues you memorize, the closer the victory!Game ends when a player obtains 10 Mugshots. Safari Witness will draw you in with Polaroid-like beautiful artwork and engaging theme. Are you ready to delve into the Safari's mysteries? It is up to you to uncover the truth now!
A thematic memory and match Card Game inspired by Polaroid.
- Art design and game mechanics seamlessly crafted by the same hand.
- Unique package design with multi functions.
- Beginner-friendly Mode & exciting Advanced Mode.
- Fast gameplay up to 7 players!